Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sewing Table Turned Phone Table

Our home is almost all the way unpacked, and with a new floor plan, I have realized that our furniture doesn't always work in certain rooms like it did at our house in Oregon.  I've been frequenting our local Salvation Army and have seen many great things as well as great deals.  I've had my heart on a new dining room set, but haven't wanted to pay the $2000, so I'm keeping my eye open for an older gently used set at the Salvation Army.  Until then, I did find an old sewing table that I thought would work perfectly in our open kitchen/dining room.  The sewing machine was gone (thankfully, cause the table is already heavy enough) so I grabbed it and handed over the money, then worked for about 5 minutes in the rain trying to get it into my trunk.  When I got it home it was sunny again, but the weather wasn't right to start spray painting.  However, I was able to take off the hardware and start sanding it.  (I found that sanding isn't my favorite part of the project)

After a light sanding, I went back in and thought about paint options.  We have a lot of black furniture, and I mean A LOT.  While I love the dark color for some pieces, I don't want every piece of our furniture to be black.  I thought about a grey color that would pick up the grey in our dining room rug, then thought against it since I couldn't find the right grey.  In the end I settled on Valspars spray paint in eggshell white.  

The next day was sunny and warm, so I got to priming the piece.  Which ended up being a really good idea, because the wood kept showing through the primer.  I ended up giving it two coats of primer.

Once the primer had dried, I was able to start spraying!  I gave the table two to three coats of the Valspar spray paint, the wood kept soaking up the paint.  I thought the primer would have solved that problem.... I was www...wwww...wa-wrong.  (I can admit it, wasn't so hard)

When the paint was dry, I was able to take up upstairs to its new home and put the hardware back on.  (My husband was just happy to be able to park in the garage again)

One thing I realized after setting up our new telephone table was that we have a lot of pens! Funny thing is, I could never find one before, but now our 'junk' drawer is a bit cleaner and we all know where the pens are.  Ohh and as for the walkie-talkies, those were from our road trip across America.  I held onto them in case the kids decide to play around or if my nephews come over, I know they would have a great time with them.  

Check out your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Thrift Shop!  You never know what you will find and recycling furniture is so great! Good luck!

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